Knowles Gas - Ignoring the customer, not showing up to appointment

Victoria, British Columbia 0 comments

I called Knowles Gas in Victoria to come do some work at my house.As they advertise "three generations" in the business, I thought they would be efficient.

They asked me what block of time I wanted them to arrive on the day that I was booking them, which sounds all well and good, but when the day came that they were to show up, (a rare midweek day that I get off of work) the person failed to appear. At the end of the 2 hour window, I called the company, only to be told they are running a bit behind. No proactive calling by the company to given any consideration to the customer, though. They just left me in the dark.

Well a couple of hours later, when I was no longer able to wait for the tech to arrive, I called again, and received nothing a few sorrys after the fact, and "could the tech come out tomorrow instead?"

An unbelievable waste of precious time off, and no consideration shown by Knowles Gas.Very disappointing, and totally avoidable with a simple phone call to me the customer to keep me in some kind of loop!

Review about: Natural Gas Service.

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